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A Primer on Primers

Most people think of using primers to cover up and hide a blemish on the wall.  A water stain,  the masterpiece their four year old colored in permeant marker, changing the ill-advised paint scheme of an angsty teenager, these walls and ceilings are screaming for a good priming.

They save the home owner money by reducing the number of finish coats required.  That angsty black room will need many finish coats if not primed properly.  It may be cheaper to completely  re-drywall the room than to paint it without priming.  Ironically you have to prime the new drywall.

Each type of surface that needs to be primed should be evaluated individually. New drywall or a drywall repair can be primed with a good water based primer. Water based primer works well covering a dark wall when changing to a lighter paint color. Oil based primers work really well on water stains. Make sure that the leak has stopped before any paint operation begins. Shellac primers are good for covering oder and smoke smoke.


Prep Work the Key to a Successful Paint Job

  A good paint job starts with prep.  Prepping the walls ceilings and base boards is what makes the difference between mediocre paint job and a superior paint job.

Its the walls pre-painted condition that dictates how much prep work is required.   Drywall cracks and nail holes need to be repaired.  The ever more popular decorative stickers need to be removed and the glue cleaned off so that the new paint will stick.

Sometimes the old paint has started to give off a chalky powder.  In many cases this means washing of the walls before any paint can be applied.

The new paint color that is going over the old can require a primer coat.  All drywall repairs must be primed, all water stains or heavily stained areas must be primed as well.  See the post What Does Primer Do for more.

Finally any gaps that need caulking should be address during the prep stage.

Depending on what needs done a proper prep job may last one to four days.  (A drywall repair usually takes three to four days.)


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